The Workshop for Tour Guides, Docents & Storytellers

Hand-picked Improv Games
providing on-your-feet training, connecting guides to their emotions,
boosting presentation skills, and finding the fun in their tours…

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How can improv games contribute to the real world of leading tours?

Listening Skills

Surprised that tour guides need listening skills? It’s one of the most important jobs there is. We can help guides and docents cultivate those skills. 

A Mind/Body Connection

Guides convey so much information without ever saying a word. Improv gets storytellers to connect emotions to their physical body. 

Storytelling Muscle

“Finding the Beats” is an important part of any improv scene, learn how to apply the idea to your own tours! 


From Bus tours to Campus Tours, We’re Dedicated To Helping the Individual Guide

Helping guides and docents connect more closely with their emotions, their information and their tour groups.

Tour guides and docents are a passionate group. We are passionate about our tours, our stories and our work. Most docent training we do with others, but so much of the work we do on our own. We learn and write and learn some more, perfecting our information. I use improv games to help guides and docents share that perfected information. This is not about the content of tours, but more about how we share that information.
The Tour Boost Workshop helps guides and docents sink more deeply into their stories. It helps cultivate listening skills and awareness of the group mind. It frees guides up from fear and creates community between the guides themselves. Most docent training is about learning facts but this workshop is about everything but the facts. This is a hands-on, on-your-feet workshop that will leave guides and docents with skills that they can apply to their tours right away.

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Praise from Fellow Tour Guides for The Tour Boost Workshop.

I had a lot of take-aways, great food for thought as I think about how I conduct my tours, and my life. 
Larissa, Tour Guide
I wanted to tell you what a great learning experience I had at the workshop.  I really learned a lot and had fun doing all the games. These games will come in handy for giving my tours. I also really enjoyed connecting with the other guides!
Char, Tour Guide
Margaret! Thank You for the workshop! It was really fun but also informative. It’s so very useful and we need to think how we speak, our manners, our body language and how the tourist sees us.
Dee, Tour Guide
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