Practice, practice, practice.


Kidding. Sort of.

Today is the big day in the world of tour guides, hotels, etc. TODAY is the day we get our Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

That love/hate relationship. It’s okay. Don’t worry, here on TourBoost we can talk honestly about our relationship to Trip Advisor.

I know, I really do. It’s been seven years that I have hustled Trip Advisor reviews. I’ve begged, I do bits, I ask nicely and then I ask again. And Trip Advisor pays that off by sending me business. It works. And I’m proud of my Certificate of Excellence!

But I have gone through moments of HATING Trip Advisor, for hating the influence it has on me and my work and that I’m being judged by someone…ACK. But I also use it as a customer, I use it when I’m traveling, all the time. And it’s been right, pretty much all of the time.

I like that I can be a small one-man show and still rank high up there – but it’s not without a fight.

So – how do you get a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor?

Get good at being a tour guide.

How do you do that?

Learn how to improvise.

Learn how to listen to your group. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Stop pushing your tour agenda down people’s throats no matter how often they tell you that’s not what they want.

Say “yes, and” to each other and to your group.

Learn how your body reacts to fear

Listen to your group to figure out what stories they like to hear and what’s not interesting them so much.

Use your voice and body to tell a story, not just your words.

Have enough mindfulness to sense what’s happening around you so you don’t miss anything that your tour group is experiencing.

Break out of the Fact Trap. 

Be entertaining by finding what entertains you.

Trust yourself.

Trust your group.

Trust your tour.

And finally, hire me to come on in and teach a TourBoost Workshop for you, because I can get you started on each and every one of these ideas in a standard 3-hour workshop.