We, the Docents, Tour guides and Interpreters of the world, we know our facts.

WE HOLD THE KNOWLEDGE because we hold the facts.

On our hands and knees we gather, for years we gather.  One here, one there, in our basket of facts they go.

Our facts, they are the most valuable thing we own.  Sometimes we even try to hold on to them as if they’re our facts alone and not facts of the world for anyone to understand.


It is our job to convey these facts to you. We get them and dole them out to you as we see fit. For many of us, we would consider it our job to convey facts to other people. We call ourselves interpreters – so we are interpreting fact – but our lives are run by facts nonetheless!

And I’m here to tell you that you need to be released from your Fact Trap.


Being constricted by what you know is still constriction. If you are measuring every last word, if you are concerned more with getting your facts out then bringing your group in then you’ve been Fact Trapped.

Now, I’m not asking you to lie to your groups or your students, what I am asking you do is to enjoy a little embellishment – what is the story around the facts? Can you even access that story anymore or are you just spouting off dates and numbers? Fact Trapped!

Here’s a small game you can do to help get you out of the FactTrap, you can play this with your tour group! You can make the facts about yourself, or your city even to really bring them into the fold.

Two Truths, One Lie:

Tell your tour group two honest things and one lie. Then leave it up to the group to see if they can figure it out. First, just get used to getting away from a fact. I KNOW. I know it’s hard, but you have to trust me. When you get better at it, see if you can sell it – just see. Add. Be creative, make things up. Have FUN.



  1. The Ferris Wheel was invented in Chicago
  2. The original cars were train cars that could hold 60 people
  3. The man who invented it was named George Ferris Weil