I’m not sure if you knew this, but meeting other people who do what you do is really fun and inspiring and all of the good things. Oh and also? Tour guides are the best people in the world.

I recently attended the IADTG Conference in Falls Church, VA and it was so much fun. I went to do my TourBoost workshop but ended up learning and doing oh so much more than that.

Falls Church is beautiful and I hit it right when the trees were really gorgeous. We were huddled at the Marriott and there was NOTHING around, really nothing, EXCEPT, a big beautiful office park. I have a thing for office parks and this one was great, with a lovely path that wound around the whole complex. Great for when the hotel air got a little too stifling.


I learned a ton at the Funny Business workshop – how to incorporate humor into your tours. The fellow leading the workshop, Jim Pelley was really helpful and gave us solid tips to take out on the streets.¬†I also learned A TON at the Tax Strategies workshop, in fact, I learned so much that I told the poor guy leading the workshop that I was going to make out with him. He answered “that’s not the first time today someone said that to me.” Brilliance! He must have taken Jim’s class that morning.

Then I left the conference to go see Washington D.C. I have a thing for DC. Kind of a thing. I LOVE IT THERE. I could move there and give tours forever. So I took the Metro in and walked around the city for awhile and I cried at the White House and I cried at the Lincoln Memorial and then I met the rest of my guides at a party they had planned for us at the Hard Rock Cafe. We all chatted and laughed and asked each other questions and I met Peachy, a guide from DC and he told me his favorite story.


On Saturday morning, first thing, I ran my workshop – The TourBoost. We had a really great time. Everyone was very silly and fun and really open and giving. Doing improv for the first time in front of a bunch of strangers and friends can be really scary. You wouldn’t know it was so scary, not for this group!



In the afternoon I met Mitch and went to his workshop – How to WOW – and that was so fun! I learned some really great tips on how to make a tour a little more intimate using audio, video and even using the group themselves to make their tours more personal. Mitch is a riot and he really gave us some solid tips.

Saturday night we all played games for game night and that was so funny. Tour guides are intense you know! We also like to be right, so games are IMPORTANT.


Sunday morning I got up bright and early, took the train back to the airport, piece of cake.

Thank you to everyone at the conference, Faye and Von and to Mitch and Jim and my other teachers, thank you!

See you next year….