Ready for some Word Association?

I am proud to be on the board of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association (CTPA). But there is also a National Federation of Tour Guide Associations (NFTGA). And by the way, there is a World Federation of Tour Guides (WFTGA). The CTPA is a part of the NFTGA. Ok?

Being a tour guide, docent or interpreter is a lonely business! Yes, we’re interacting with our groups. We’re meeting people every day, some of us are meeting lots and lots of people every day. We’re out there, we’re in the world, but our experience can be a lonely one sometimes.

We really learn our craft on our own. We scour tour locations, we set the track, we pick the stories. It’s rewarding and of course we wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s nice to have a community.

Being on the board of the CTPA is something I’m very proud of and the CTPA is a part of NFTGA, so I am also proud to be a part of that.

So when I took the TourBoost to Las Vegas, it was great fun to meet Babs Daitch – President of the Las Vegas Tour Guide Guild. It was also a joy to meet my fellow guides from across the country. What a treat, WE ARE A COMMUNITY!

I sent my article to the National Standard – the newsletter for NAFTGA – and it made it to press!


Click the link to check out the National Standard