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Docent training and tour guide training move to a whole new level with The Tour Boost Workshop. We use improv games to help tour guides and docents connect to their tours. The workshop isn’t about content, but more about how to connect emotion to story. It’s how to be present physically and mentally during tours and how to cultivate listening skills, flexibility and gratitude and stay out of the Fact Trap.

This workshop has guides up and playing games set up by the estimable Viola Spolin in the 50s. It’s invaluable work, taking guides “out of their head and into the space.” The workshop will insure that guides and docents will be more flexible, able to handle any crowd, crisis or issue with a calm head and an easy heart. Also the confidence that your docents are fully listening (a surprising and needed trait for a guide) and “yes, and’ing” your members and guests creating an open and gracious environment. And, this tour guide training comes from an actual working, award-winning guide herself, so I understand the complexities of the work

4 Tools Guides Will Leave With


A way to block fear and judgement WHILE amplifying your unique voice – even when working from a script.

YES And...

A  listening and responsive presence that comes from a place of play and gratitude, increasing one’s ability to read a group.

You ARE the instrument

Awareness of  what your body, posture and other unconscious signals may be saying.

Rule of 3

Instantly identify, dissect and then deliver the crucial “beats” of any conent.

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